Saturday, January 5, 2013

Faster, Faster, Faster!

(As of yet, unidentified Polyporales Mushroom) on a Beech Log Graphite on Paper 2012

I am working on these mushrooms...

my favorite things to run around and hunt in the woods... mushrooms. How I miss them this time of year. 

I am an amateur mycologist. I love to say that, sounds so formal and makes me feel like a scientist. Even though I did lousy in school chemistry, I did very well in biology. I know most of my local mushrooms, though this one has me stumped, pardon the pun. I will figure it out when I have a chance. 

I did this specimen after taking a master botanical drawing class with Wendy Brockman this summer. I had a whole week to learn from her. It was a dream come true. This I feel is my calling! I get to combine my love of mushrooms with my love of detailed drawing and painting! 

Best part is the subject matter. I chose mushrooms in the fall that preserve very well, looking as they did when they were alive. In fact, they dry out, and if I wet them again, they just continue on their merry way in their life-cycle. It's how these are used to being.

Academy Drawing is Not Dead, the 'shrooms Are

I pick these particular 'shrooms because I know I can't work faster... yet. I have never had such a challenging... wait... I have. Sight-size method. Takes FOREVER to finish a drawing but you will be the best at drawing a figure or object EXACTLY as you see it.

I took a class with Philip Salamone who taught me how to do something like sight-size. This is how it was taught in the academies and was almost a lost art. It's making a comeback and was very helpful.

Anyway, I still have to draw faster because time is short and fleeting! Mushrooms don't last forever and neither does my time without people around! Having someone around does make a difference. I sure get a lot less done.

So, back to the drawing board with me. I will post some more later...

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