Friday, May 20, 2011

That Handy Dandy Sketchbook!

'Remembering Billy'
Pen and colored pencil on paper

Sketching to Keep Busy

One thing I have been doing on a regular basis has been keeping my sketchbook with me at all times! There is no excuse to not have one, that's what I tell myself anyway. Especially when I forget it! :) If I can remember to put one in my scooter, then I'll have one with me at all times.

I have several. One is a tiny little thing, no bigger than an iPhone (which I don't own), and can be taken out whenever I'm in a situation where I'm bored -- which happens too often. The other is a Moleskin Watercolor Notebook which can withstand some abuse and is not too large. This one is my new favorite and the one I have used for my newest sketches.

You never know what you'll end up drawing, it might be worth saving.
I learned that from a very wise teacher, Miss Mularkey, who made me realize that we may as well draw on the good stuff! You can always buy more paper or use the back of it if your work doesn't turn out.

My old favorite is the Canson Field Drawing Hardcover Ringed Book. It has a heavy paper, cream colored but it is a real drawing paper, not sketch paper and holds up to massive abuses. Not that I'm a paper abuser mind you, but I don't want my paper to buckle or rip if I have to erase or do something nasty to it to fix a mistake. I also want good paper if it's something I want to frame or sell later.

Pens and Pencils

I had thrown in my purse a Micron India ink pen, .005 mm, I also have used a Zig Millennium .05 since they are pretty cheap too (look at fabric stores or Michael's), so I can get really fine lines since the book is so small. This is where it is proportionately appropriate to use this small of a pen tip. I also throw in 3 sharpened colored pencils... a light yellow, magenta and a cyan. Later, I ended up adding a few greens and darker colors to make it easier for myself, but actually I was able to get all my range with just those three colors. This is a good challenge though! Three colors acts like a printing press. Throw that black pen in there sparingly and cleverly and you can draw the world.

When I'm sitting there at a park with my kids, or in the Dr.'s waiting room, or even just sitting at the family farm, I haul out that little sketchbook and start doodling. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something and puts me in my happy place!