Friday, April 24, 2009

"Thresher" 12x12

I just finished a 12x12" painting recently of a thresher from the family farm. It was one of those projects that took way too long, but was a lot of fun to do. I ended up putting Maggie in daycare so I could work on it during the day. She sure likes going there and I sure like to get stuff done, so we'll do this as long as I can afford to do it.

I figured I better get back into acrylics if I teach a class this fall! That was part of my major in college and I did a lot of acrylics in high school, so I'm familiar with it. Things sure have changed though on the kinds of acrylics that are out there. I'm really enjoying the OPEN line from Golden. I hate how long oils take to dry, but acrylics are also a problem even with retarders added. They dry way too fast. The new kind of acrylics are so much easier to work with, staying open to drying time a lot longer, but will not stay open so long as to require months of drying time.

In this case, I opted for the regular old acrylics just to get a feel for it, but I would like to keep working with the OPEN line and I got a bunch of the Atelier line to try out.