Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Time


Not doing a lot of posting. Typical! There is a lull here which is good. I have been very busy working most of the year. Lots of freelancing, lots of teaching at the CVA, some private teaching here at the house. It's been a good year!

My Stuff
What I should be doing now is working on MY stuff. First, I need to clear out a space to work, then, I need to figure out the greatest question while I do that...what is my stuff? When an artist works so long on everyone's projects for so long, they lose sight of what their style is and what their voice is. Or, at least it has happened to me.

A friend of mine has my artwork from when I was in college. She is just in love with my stuff and asked me what was my motivation and how did I come up with the colors and ideas? It's actually part of the header on my blog (which I need to resize!)

I had to tell her, it was for my senior show, I had a deadline and I had to crank out some shit as fast as I could... that was my motivation and muse. I don't think she cared for that answer, but it was the honest truth. Sometimes the truth isn't what people want to hear, especially in art.

I do have to say, I think it's good, some of my best work. Art doesn't have to necessarily mean anything, but people want to hear a good story, so we do as artists need to come up with B.S. story sometimes. :)

Green Cutter 2010 Acrylic on Canvas 12"x12"

Where am I going with this?
I think the one thing that I feel is driving me at this point is the farm stuff I'm doing. The rust and equipment from my family farm. That does mean something to me. Too bad I gave my art away. I'll have to recreate some of it and keep it this time.

Well, my husband is home for a good week, I should have no excuses for cleaning up my studio space and at least getting a canvas going. Let's see how far I get. Maybe I'll post before the year is up!