Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Portrait Finished

"Maggie in the Leaves"


Colored Pencil on White Stonehenge Paper

Got one more portrait done! I'm working as fast as I can before our second child arrives in August. This portrait will be at the Center for Visual Arts in Wausau, Wisconsin for a July show. I need to frame it up and get it ready!

Still haven't heard if I will for sure be teaching an acrylic class this coming fall. This would be a great opportunity for me as I really do love to teach. I'm intentionally doing more acrylic paintings just to be able to describe my process. It's one thing to just do it, another to teach about it.

I am excited about the prospect of taking a life drawing course in the next few weeks. It's a rare opportunity to have an open lab without the commitment of a formal class and that it's right here in town. The only possible problem is that there won't be enough people signing up to take the class and they might not offer it if it's not full.

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Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Amy, I am new to your blog and I have enjoyed seeing your work. I love finding other cp artists! This is a beautiful portrait. I also really like your 'thresher' piece. I grew up on a farm and I too appreciate the beauty of machinery. It is beautifully rendered and I love your colour choices. I look forward to seeing what you create next! :-)